Leith Moves AR Exhibition

November 2, 2017

We created an Augmented Reality exhibition for Leith Moves which was displayed at the Out of the Blue Hall for the public during August this year. Representing a project about migration and the changing community in Leith –  using photography that I took during the project, and mixing it with video that can be interacted with using the iOS and Android available app, CreativMuse which allows the viewer to open up a whole other level to the meaning behind the picture. Simply download the app on your smartphone or tablet, and point it at one of the 14 augmented pictures in the gallery, and the picture will magically transform into a short film that tells a story behind the picture. 

The individual images contain videos behind the pictures that engage with the audience in a new way that tells them the story of migration in the community of Leith, Edinburgh through the docks, the people who have come through them, and the food of the cultures that represent the diversity of this vibrant area! Coupled with a standalone documentary film (see the film here), this offers an exciting and engaging way to tell some of the story of the Leith community.

Here’s the pictures that have been augmented – pick up your phone or tablet and point at them with the CreativMuse app:

[envira-gallery id=”1931″]



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