Project Introduction

In collaboration with the University of Edinburgh, the Alzeimer’s Society, and the NHS, we produced a short promo for early onset dementia in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area, with the prospect of creating a longer, more in-depth video at a later date. Working directly with the practitioners, we provided video as well as recorded interview as research evidence for the workshop team that could be used in their findings later.

Step 1

We discussed the sensitive nature of the topic, and trialled one event to find out what the exact format that would work best with the people affected by this terrible illness would find most comfortable. We decided on a separate room after introducing ourselves in the main workshop worked best, and allowed for more intimate conversations and honest accounts of their hardships.

Step 2

We provided the unedited rushes for research purposes, and set to work picking out sections that would work best in the video. We then visited various locations with the water of the River Clyde acting as the them that would bind the story together – it’s impossible to fight against the current of the river, but sometimes learning to drift with the current can make life a lot easier in the same sense that living with dementia is about strategies for coping in the present, which leads to a much more enriched life experience.

Step 3

We edited the footage and presented to the client, who were particularly struck by the honesty in the interviews, and the beautiful photography in the video. We hope to follow it up with a more rounded promo at a future date.
The client were particularly impressed with the balanced, highly professional-looking, and incredibly emotional interviews that were recorded and edited. They promised that we would be involved in future collaborations of this kind.

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