Leith Moves

November 21, 2016


Rare Bird Media has been commissioned to make a documentary about the ‘Leith Moves’ project. Leith Moves is another project, following on from the successful Gretna 100, that will incorporate community-based research, theatre, film and exhibition themed around stories local to Leith and its amazing history.

We’ve been documenting the project since May, and will continue to do so until the project culminates in performances, exhibitions and (hopefully!) our film about the work and examining the history for ourselves.

The Blurb:

“Leith Moves is an Out of the Blue Heritage Lottery Funded education project investigating the historical significance of Leith docks. It follows the successful format of our recent Gretna 100 project, namely a participatory research project integrating with exhibition and theatre groups. The project will include many events as opportunities to further involve the Leith community in exploring their history.”

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